This website is my platform for sharing my projects and ideas with whom ever wishes to read it.
I am interested in creating software and electronics. Though I encourage everyone who creates new things.

Ever since I can recall I always enjoyed modifying and creating things. This perk and the growth of the computer industry made it very easy to explore and keep trying.
I started with BASIC as my first experience in creating computer programs in 1998.
Then around 2002 I discovered creating things on the internet with PHP. On a slow pace i taught myself how to program and how to use Unix based systems.
Teenage angst dropped in so progress was slow.

When in 2007 I dropped out of school and started programming fulltime. This went on a nice pace, although when I look back I regret I didn't look into other languages, besides some small steps in Flash Actionscript. When in 2010 I discovered Perl and started studying Electrical Engineering.
Around this time I became quite active and started spawning project after project, while also trying to motivate other people to start creating. This creating also included developing hardware and learning C and Java.

In 2011 I felt good about the knowledge I had gathered although by gathering this knowledge I now realized I am only at the beginning So hereby I decided to share my knowledge and my journey to becoming a happy creator.